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Another great class.  I love the variety in the classes. I look forward to them each day.

on the Zoom Group Classes - Mary Lee

What a bonus! Live sessions and an opportunity to review the videos. Being able to see Veronica and Ryan in action, pausing the video whenever you want and then working on improving yourself. It’s learning pilates at its best! 

on the Zoom Group Classes- Selina Millar

"I believe it's been ten years or so, when I first brought Pilates into my life - and still I find with each class, small new "aha!" moments, of connecting with my changing body. I feel very fortunate to have first been introduced to Pilates, with Veronica and her superb team of professionals, as they assist me in my desire to keep moving."

- Susan Green, age 59

"I have been an actress and singer since 1965 and as such I have explored many physical disciplines in order to strengthen my body and keep it in good shape. Dance, yoga, jazzercise, stretch and strength, step classes, weight training and then finally body sculpting kept me physically busy for those fifty years. I have been having issues with chronic pain over the last few years, lower back pain and knee pain as well as back misalignment. I started taking Pilates with Veronica at her Surrey Pilates Studio 6 years ago and she has been instrumental in helping me correct the damage I inflicted with myself from some of those disciplines. Even in a middle-sized class, Veronica or one of her sons, Ryan or Erik, have given me specific ideas and directions to help me release tight musculature and protect that weak lower back. They are thoughtful and compassionate leaders who have taught me more about the body than all my years of study and "working out" have shown me. I am pain-free, and experience feeling stronger and more supple than ever, all due to beautiful Veronica and her magnificent sons. I heartily recommend the Surrey Pilates Studio."

- Patricia Dahlquist, Performer, Juno Award winner (1976), Surrey Civic Treasure Award recipient (2013)

"It has been such a great thing for me to get the training I have received as it has allowed me to be active, mobile and strong when most of my friends are crumbling. Thanks so much!"

- Bruce Hunter

"Anyone lucky enough to find this place to practice Pilates, is getting one of the best possible experiences. A family-run practice, they are genuine, warm-hearted group of people that really want their clients to get results and feel better. People travel from all over to be able to practice at their studio, it really is one of the best!"

- Ruby Brar

"It was a lucky day for me when I found Veronica's pilates studio.  She and her staff are knowledegable, current and describe movement in a way that allows me to constantly improve. She and her staff encourage us to understand the interrelatedness between our health and the care of our bodies, which for me has been rare in the field of physical fitness. Veronica, my body thanks you!!!"

- Lynda Coplin

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