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Beginner Class Options


This page is dedicated to current students of TSPS, if you're a new student or have never attended classes with the studio please click here!

Series Fees

This page is meant to show current pricing options for ongoing students. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about booking or adding a new class to your current schedule. Please note that classes on different days can cost different amounts.

Pilates Class on Reformers

Apparatus Classes

January to March 2024

* the above & below  rates are for 1 class on that day, payable as a full series to receive the Discounted Series rate *(an over 14% savings!!). For example if you are taking a class on Monday & Wednesday then you would pay $ 280 for the month of January. If you are taking a Mat on a Wednesday & an Apparatus on Saturday it would be $210!  
*All these fees include applicable taxes*

Mat Classes

January to March 2024

*These fees are only for the “normal studio series”, the clients who are completing their Beginner Series, starting in September, have a different fee schedule.*

Stretching on Yoga Mat

Upcoming Classes

Looking to add something new to your schedule? Check out our upcoming class schedule.

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