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Please review all of the information below, especially parking as the studio is run specifically to make sure everyone can attend and leave on time.


We want you to feel safe and comfortable at the studio, these rules help classes run smooth and fun for everyone.


Arrive On Time

We would not be who we are without our eco-friendly design, which is at the core of our strategy. We are constantly working to improve our offerings and expand upon our capabilities when it comes to design and production. Get in touch to learn more.


Feeling Sick?

If you're feeling sick, stay home and contact the studio if possible within the 25 hour cancellation window.


Group Sessions

Enter through the RED door in the garage - slip off your shoes and come on in.  You can hang out with your classmates in the waiting room. You will be led into the Main room when it is ready for you and the prior class has exited, after cleaning and getting the equipment ready for you!  You will be directed to “your” equipment. 


Private Sessions

When you have arrived at the Studio, you can proceed to the RED door in the garage - slip off your shoes and come on in.  You can wait in this room until your instructor arrives to escort you to where your session will be taking place.


Cleaning Equiptment

Each “Station” will have a Care Box stocked with your own hand sanitizer, clean fresh cloths, and cleaning spray.
We are using the following steps to ensure proper cleaning technique:

  1. Grab a fresh microfibre cloth.

  2. Apply the Cleaning solution directly onto your fresh cloth, reapply to cloth as needed - just don't spray equipment.

  3. Scrub the surface you are cleaning to use friction to loosen germs from surfaces so they can be removed easily

  4. Be sure to clean ALL the hard surfaces you touched during the session (no springs, please)

  5. Use hand sanitizer, when you are done cleaning

  6. Place the used micro clean cloth in the marked grey bin, by the door.

  7. Use hand sanitizer, before leaving the studio. 

After you have cleaned and left the studio an Instructor will be using PreEmpt RTU Disinfectant on the equipment & touch points in the bathroom & door handles - getting the space ready for the next class.


End of Class

When your Session has finished, please use hand sanitizer.

Then you will proceed to clean the equipment you have used. We do need you to do this in a quick/systematic fashion.



Parking is an important step in your visit, be sure to review the video's below for where to park. Even and odd hours park in two different locations. Review here!


Health & Safety

High traffic frequently touched areas will be cleaned & disinfected with Hospital Grade Disinfectant, (ie. door knobs, counters, faucets) throughout the day.  At end of day all equipment will be thoroughly cleaned & disinfected and have professional cleaners come in weekly to deep clean the studio space.  We have created these protocols to reduce the proliferation of germs - so we will be updating these procedures constantly to achieve the best practices to keep everyone healthy.


Please feel free to e-mail us with any questions you may have about our practices.

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