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If you have any questions or would like to schedule a class, please feel free to reach out on the form below.

  • How is pilates different from yoga?
    Unlike yoga, pilates doesn't require you to maintain a still position. Pilates is based on a series of movements intended to improve strength, flexibility, balance, sense of body awareness, and untimately to create uniformity in the body.
  • Who can practice pilates?
    Anyone! You can start pilates at any age and ability. Pilates is great cross training for athletes and can be incredibly beneficial for people recovering from injuries. Clients at Surrey Pilates range in age from 13 years old to 85.
  • How many times a week should I do pilates?
    Joseph Pilates said that one should do pilates every day even if only for 10 or 15 minutes. This doesn't mean you need to have instruction everyday, but that you can incorporate a few things you learn from your lessons into your daily schedule. Depending on your lifestyle and personal goals, you must do what's realistic for you. Like any type of exercise, you'll see results by practicing more than once a week. Two to three times a week is optimal if you want to see results more quickly. However, most clients say they can feel a difference almost immediately.
  • When will I see results?
    Joseph Pilates was quoted that "in 10 sessions you feel a difference, in 20 you'll see a difference, and in 30 you'll have a new body!" Everyone will have a different experience, just like any other exercise regime. That said, pilates works to balance the body, meaning that the weak muscles need to get stronger so that you don't over exert the stronger more dominant ones. As changes start to happen clients often experience a 'soreness' in their body. Results vary as everybody responds to pilates in different ways. Learning these methods is a multi-layered process that takes time and commitment. Once you're committed, you'll begin to experience the effects and marvel at the changes, whether it's standing straighter, reducing a clothing size, or feeling more energized. It's our goal that you enjoy every lesson. During and after each session, we want you to feel rejuvenated and empowered, ready to tackle any challenge in your day.
  • Will I lose weight?
    This depends on many factors such as diet, and other activities in your schedule. Pilates has a way of toning and lengthening your musculature, which often looks and feels as though you're losing weight. But if nutrition and weightloss is something you want to know/learn more about.... I HIGHLY recommend the I personally use all of the program and have great results in not only weight control, but also feeling healthier! Check out this Free Booklet on her method on losing 7 pounds in 7 days.
  • Is pilates safe while pregnant?
    That depends. Pilates is wonderful for pregnancy in many ways as it improves circulation, balance and strength. However, a doctor's note is absolutely necessary as it's not usually recommended that you start anything new while pregnant. You can absolutely continue with pilates if you're already practicing of course. Doing pilates post-partum is very helpful to restoring core strength and pelvic floor muscles.
  • What should I wear?
    Anything you feel comfortable and can move freely in. Light, breathable fabrics are best. It is best to dress in layers, so even if it is a little chilly when you can remove a layer as you start to warm up!
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