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We choose to name this class "apparatus" so our clients benefit from all of our equipment, allowing them to further see and feel the benefits of Pilates. Each piece of apparatus has something to offer the mind and body. Each piece can provide a greater challenge or make a challenging exercise more accessible, depending on what the body needs. The Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair, Baby Chairand Springboard are used in this class.



Mat classes are run with no more than nine people. By following a specific order of strategic exercises you can challenge your body to become stronger, leaner, more uniformed and balanced. By adding small apparatus like spine correctors, magic circles and foot correctors to the exercises we can keep educating the body while keeping it fun and challenging.



A private lesson is totally individualized to focus on your needs. It can be a great compliment to your existing routine and classes, or a great way to start. A semi-private class consists of two people.  It is a great way to get more "hands-on" attention from the instructor, or to bring a deeper understanding to your group classes.
By tailoring the lesson to suit your needs, you will be able to understand more thoroughly how each exercise affects your body.



The details can be found on the Fee page, but to hi light, we currently offer a variety of Mat, Release, & Functional Fitness on a a weekly basis. Join a Live Class or view  a recording later. Videos  are uploaded to the Video Libraries, so that you can re-play or study your favorites.

It has been a boon for Pilates Teacher Trainees to be able to Observe and learn from Ryan & Veronica.

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"I go to Pilates here. It's such an amazing studio! There are personal connections made as you learn about yourself and your body. It's not just another exercise routine that you HAVE to go through. Surrey Pilates has small classes that allow the instructors to really get to know you, if you want that. They really are about learning... mind, body and self!"

Selina Millar

"I believe it's been ten years or so, when I first brought Pilates into my life - and still I find with each class, small new "aha!" moments, of connecting with my changing body. I feel very fortunate to have first been introduced to Pilates, with Veronica and her superb team of professionals, as they assist me in my desire to keep moving."

Susan Green, age 59

The Zoom classes are the best thing I could do for myself. The classes are fun and easy to follow and they provide practical ways to perform studio style workouts @ home. I love the sense of community at the SPC. It is amazing how body and mind come to peace and how it impacts my ability to remain strong for myself and for my family; both physically and mentally. The classeshave become an important part of my daily routine. Thank you

Ella Klick


15053 72nd Avenue

Surrey, British Columbia V3S 2G3

Opening Hours
Monday - Thursday 9am-9pm

Friday 9am-noon

Saturday - 8:30am-12:30pm

Closed Sundays


By appointment only.

Please call or text 604-880-9005

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